Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Project Discussion?

    The main purpose of Project Discussion is to facilitate the employers and employees to manage any type of projects online. Users may register as employer or employee. Employer is a person who owns the project or projects under the name of some group, a group may be a company, team or anything which can identify the group of members. While, employee is a person who provides services to the employer or works on his/her projects.

  • Who is Employer?

    Employer is the person who owns the project or projects and assigns it or them to employee. in Project Discussion employee manage all things like creating groups, assign members in the groups, posting projects and finally confirm the project completion and give feedback to employee with five star rating system.

    Who is Employee?

    Employee is the person who works on the project or projects setup by employer. Employee can only see the projects of the groups in which he/she is the member.

    What are Groups?

    Groups play a vital role in Project Discussion as every project must be linked with a group.. Groups may define a company, a team or anything which refers a group of members.

  • Note: Every project must be resides in a group or at least one group has been created for posting projects.

Who can create groups and projects?

Employer creates the groups as well as the projects. Every project must resides in a group or at least one group has been created for posting projects, After posting the project every employee who is the member of that specific group receives the notification of the project.

How an employer would know that work has been started on his project?

When, employer posts projects in a group so every member of that group receives notification about that posting. So, interested employee can open that project and click on "I want to start work on this project" to notify employer that you are going to work on his/her project. Now, employee and employer can start conversation on the project under the same project by replying each other. This is recommended that both employer and employee communicate about the project on same project window instead of emailing separately or messaging by phone or Project Discussion messaging system.

What are messages?

The messaging system is for general discussion between employer and employee.

For example, I won't be available Tomorrow, When will you resume work on our projects, etc....

Note: We recommend that anything related to the project like new requirements, updated information of the project, attachments or anything related to the project must be held in same project window instead of messaging system.